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When Our Heroes Become Human

Parents, teachers, and even coaches are held in a certain light , a pedestal per se, where they are idolized by children and can do no wrong. This image of our idols being untouchable is held long into our teenage years and even into young adulthood. When we are hurt or disappointed by this person, the image is tainted and the pain cuts a little deeper than if we were hurt by anyone else. We may develop grudges; not being able to comprehend how that person can hurt us. We are unable to emphasize and understand the situation until we truly mature. It is not until we reach this level of maturity, that we understand that our idols are human too. The realization that your father/mother/ teacher was only 18 years old or 25 years old. That they were trying to figure things out themselves. We realize that they are allowed to make mistakes too and we open up and say, I understand that you may have been hurt. That things didn’t go so great for you growing up. I get it. You fucked up and that’s ok because you’re only human.

The day I saw my mother as human is the day that I was able to grow and put my wall down.

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